Angel Stadium of Anaheim

Located at 2000 E Gene Autry Way, Anaheim, CA 92806 , Angel Stadium is a historic baseball park with a long history. Its motto is “Convenience, Comfort, and Courtesy.” The stadium is not as intense as the major league ballparks, but it does have a unique charm. The stadium features a long, shaded Gene Autry Way, reminiscent of the long driveways in Orange County during its early agricultural days. The stadium also features a towering “Big A” that once served as the team’s main scoreboard.

Angel Stadium is home to various sports teams, including the Los Angeles Angels and the Seattle Mariners. The Mariners are currently in second place in the American League West Division, 14 games out of first place. They have lost two of their last five games. They were defeated 7-8 by the Angels in the series opener.

Angel Stadium is the second oldest baseball ballpark in the American League and the fourth oldest in baseball. It was built in 1966 on a 140-acre site. The location was chosen by the team’s owner, Gene Autry, because it was convenient to Disneyland and major freeways. The stadium has undergone many renovations and was also home to the LA Rams for a period of time. However, the stadium was seriously damaged by the Northridge earthquake in 1994. It suffered $4 million in damage.

The Angels’ biggest success has come at the gate. They routinely draw three million fans a year, often outdrawing the Los Angeles Dodgers, forty miles north. This success has led to a series of trial balloons in nearby Tustin. Moreno’s venture was successful, but officials in Anaheim didn’t like the idea. In the end, the Angels decided to buy the property and keep the name Anaheim as a part of it. Next article.

The Angels stadium has undergone major renovations in 2001. The new seats removed the sight lines of the mountains in the distance, but the Angels were forced to reframe the field’s dimensions. Fortunately, the new seating distances resulted in more home runs. The Angels also built a new bullpen behind the left field wall. The new bullpen is more effective at preventing home runs than the old-fashioned bleacher seats. Browse around this site.

Angel Stadium of Anaheim CA was once called “Edison International Field.” It was the home of the Major League Baseball’s Los Angeles Angels and the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams. The stadium is also known by its unofficial nickname, The Big A. Earlier in 1997, Anaheim Stadium was the site of an earthquake and suffered $4 million in damage. Additionally, a 17.5 ton Sony Jumbotron crashed into the left field’s upper deck, destroying about 800 seats. After the earthquake, the Rams left the area, leaving the stadium with one tenant.

The Angels’ marketing department used a few marketing strategies to energize the crowd. One of their most memorable was the use of the “Rally Monkey.” A goofy capuchin jumped on the video board whenever the Angels needed a late-inning boost.