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Professional Endodontics in East Los Angeles

Simple dental visits and exams may not be enough when you want to achieve your healthiest and brightest smile possible. With modern endodontic procedures, doctors can reach into the roots of your teeth to resolve any of your oral problems.

Atlantic Children & Family Dentistry practices safe, professional, and quality endodontics in East Los Angeles. If you require an endodontic procedure, call our team or stop by our clinic to schedule an appointment today.

What Is Endodontics?

Endodontics is a specialized dentistry branch that focuses on problems inside of the teeth. Endodontists are highly trained and use their techniques to treat the soft pulp tissue inside your teeth. The deep-rooted problems that endodontics aims to cure include cracked teeth, deep cavities, root canal failure and injection, and tooth resorption.

Types of Endodontic Procedures

At Atlantic Children & Family Dentistry, we offer several different endodontic procedures to help relieve your mouth of severe problems and give you a glimmering smile. A few of the most common procedures include root canals, endodontic retreatment, and apicoectomy.

Root Canal

Root canals are standard and straightforward procedures that can prevent the need for dental implants. When the pulp in your teeth becomes infected due to trauma, decay, or cracks, you may experience swelling and pain in your teeth and gums.

The root canal procedure usually involves local anesthesia. Once the anesthetic takes effect, your endodontist removes the infected pulp, cleans the root canal system, and seals it. The number of visits required will depend on the severity of the infection

Endodontic Retreatment

Endodontists perform retreatment when a patient experiences pain or if their oral injury fails to heal following an endodontic procedure. These lasting symptoms can occur for a couple of reasons, most commonly due to an untreated canal during the initial treatment.

The endodontic retreatment process begins with reopening the tooth. The doctors remove the filling they previously put into the tooth to allow access to the root canal. They then clean, fill, and seal the canals.

Finally, the endodontist places a temporary filling into the tooth.


Occasionally, a root canal is not enough to heal the tooth. In more severe cases, the patient will need endodontic surgery.

The most common surgery is an apicoectomy, which can locate the hidden canals causing oral pain. If you receive endodontic surgery and still experience lingering pain, talk to your doctor to see if an apicoectomy is the proper next step.

Endodontics in East Los Angeles

Atlantic Children & Family Dentistry has the experience to provide professional endodontics in East Los Angeles. If you’re experiencing toothaches and want to live a pain-free life with a brighter smile, it’s time to get in touch. Call us today to schedule your appointment or find out more about endodontics in East Los Angeles.

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