Paramount Pictures Studio

A Paramount Pictures Studio Tour Los Angeles CO Is a Must-Do! This also…

If you are a movie fan, a visit to Paramount Pictures’ studio in Los Angeles may be an experience you can’t miss. Located at 5555 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038. From the backlot to the prop warehouse, you’ll learn about the lives of famous stars of the silver screen. The tour is free, but advance reservations are necessary. After you’ve booked your ticket, you can walk the backlot or take a cart tour. For a truly unique experience, consider the studio’s Charlie Chaplin Tour, and Charlie Chaplin Studios.

Paramount Pictures
When in town, you can’t miss a visit to Paramount Pictures Studio Tour Los Angeles CO. The studio is home to the most popular movies in the world, so taking a back lot cart tour is a must-do. Take a look at the prop warehouse and see the backlot. You’ll be able to spot famous stars, and learn about the history of the company. And for even more insight into their work, you can go on a cart tour of the backlot.

Charlie Chaplin
You can enjoy a cart tour of the backlot and prop warehouse, while learning about the life of Charlie Chaplin at Paramount Pictures. The Charlie Chaplin studio tour is one of the most popular Hollywood attractions, with tours lasting about four hours. The museum features exhibits, including a full-sized Charlie Chaplin statue. It also features a re-creation of Charlie Chaplin’s most famous films, including the classic “The Kidnap” and the Oscar-winning movie, “The Great Dictator.”

Desilu Studios
Desilu purchased the studio in 1953, after the success of the television show “I Love Lucy.” You can still see the blue RKO Globe in this picture, which once sat atop the old building. Desilu’s main studio is located at 780 Gower Street in Central Hollywood. The tour includes a stop at the studio to see its original layout and set design.

Universal Studios Hollywood
The Universal Studios Hollywood Paramount Pictures Studio Tour Los Angles CO is a great way to explore Hollywood’s prestigious filmmaking studios. The tour lasts two hours, and tickets are $58 per person. You can reserve your spot in advance, or purchase tickets on-site. Tour groups are limited to seven people, and the tour can sell out quickly during weekends. You can take a morning or afternoon Studio Tour, and the tour usually begins between 9:00 am and 11:30 am.

Warner Bros.
When you arrive at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in Los Angeles, you’ll get to experience a working studio that’s both beautiful and educational. You can tour the studio on a guided or self-guided tour, or you can simply wander the studio grounds. There are many attractions to choose from, including restaurants, shops, and souvenirs. You’ll also have the opportunity to watch a signature pre-show film about the history of the studio.

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