Redwood Creek Challenge Trail

For those looking for a fun play area for the whole family, the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail is a great place to go. It is located at 1313 Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92802. It is an interactive forest play area that features rope bridges and a vast network of trails. You can also zip line, ride side-by-side slides, and check out an amphitheater. Click for more info.

The Redwood Creek area includes tall platforms that represent Mt. Whitney, Shasta, and Lassen. The platforms are reached by suspension bridges, and are situated close to a giant granite boulder slide. The Redwood Creek Challenge Trail CA is open to guests every day of the year. This theme park also hosts many events throughout the year.

For those who are not scared of heights, the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail features a rock climbing wall and a ropes course. There’s also a Spirit Cave where you can discover your spirit animal. Since the park’s opening in 2001, it has been updated with new features. In 2003, a new trail named Brother Bear was added to the attraction. Check this out.

The Redwood Creek Challenge Trail is a two-acre play area that is a great place to get outdoors and learn about the surrounding environment. The trails are dotted with lookout towers, bridges, and wilderness-themed elements. They feature multiple levels and many activities for kids of all ages. Other features of the attraction include zip-line-like cable swings and obstacle course-type activities.

If you want your kids to let off some steam, Redwood Creek Challenge Trail is the perfect place for them to do so. There are lots of activities to keep them entertained, from a walk through the ancient redwood forests to rock climbing, zip-lining, and camp shows. There are also several opportunities to earn Wilderness Explorer badges. Moreover, there are many sites and caves to explore, including the Spirit Cave, where you can meet your spirit animal.

There are activities for the whole family, from toddlers to adults. Some activities require height restrictions, so you should check if they are appropriate for your child. It’s a peaceful setting in an otherwise crowded park. Occasionally, Chip and Dale and Santa Claus hang out at Redwood Creek during the Christmas season. The park is a great place for a family holiday. There are also many events throughout the year.