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Compassionate Restorative Dentistry in East Los Angeles

Dentists use the term restorative dentistry to refer to various dental services that aim to restore the look and function of a patient’s teeth. These services allow patients suffering from tooth decay, broken teeth, and other structural issues of the teeth and jaw to enjoy their best, healthiest smile.

At Atlantic Children & Family Dentistry, our team provides compassionate restorative dentistry in East Los Angeles. Learn more about our services by reading below or reaching out to our staff with your questions.

Benefits of Tooth Restoration

When most people think of restorative dentistry, they immediately think of the cosmetic changes these services provide. While dental restoration services improve the overall appearance of teeth, gums, and even the jaw, these benefits only make up part of the picture.

In truth, the professional tooth restoration services offered here at Atlantic Children & Family Dentistry provide several significant benefits, including:

  •       Reduced dental and jaw pain
  •       Reduced gum disease and gum loss
  •       Improved function of the teeth and jaw
  •       Prevention of bone loss in the jaw
  •       Prevention of tooth movement
  •       Improved speech capabilities
  •       Improved chewing capabilities
  •       And more

We tailor each dental restoration plan to the individual needs of our patients. If you want to start your journey to improved confidence and dental health, take the first step. Schedule your consultation for restorative dentistry in East Los Angeles today.

Comprehensive Dental Restoration Services

The path to a renewed smile can’t be one-size-fits-all. Our Atlantic Children & Family Dentistry team offers a range of affordable dental restoration services. 

Oral Health Screening

Like any dental care plan, your dental restoration services will begin with an oral health screening. During this visit, your dentist will visually and digitally examine your teeth, gums, jaw, and tongue to obtain a complete view of your overall oral health.

If necessary, your dentist will next schedule cleanings, extractions, and other procedures to prepare your teeth and jaw for restorative procedures.

Tooth Replacement

Tooth replacement serves as one of the primary focuses of restorative dentistry. For patients who have missing teeth due to extensive decay, disease, or other damage, tooth replacement can restore dental function and confidence while preventing bone loss or improper dental alignment.

If you need tooth replacement, your dentist will recommend a safe dental procedure for you based on your budget and current dental health.

Tooth Restoration

For natural teeth with minimal damage, restoration procedures work to protect the tooth from decay or further damage. Depending on the state of the tooth in question, your dentist may recommend fillings, crowns, or veneers to restore the bite surface and prevent pain.

An Affordable Restorative Dentist in East Los Angeles

At Atlantic Children & Family Dentistry, we work to improve our community by providing affordable, patient-focused restorative dentistry in East Los Angeles.

Don’t wait to get the dental care you need to live your best life. Give our Atlantic Children & Family Dentistry team a call at 323-263-9600 to schedule your consultation today.

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