The Great Wall of Los Angeles

The Great Wall of Los Angeles is a half-mile mural that was designed by Judith Baca. It has become a popular tourist destination and is undergoing a major expansion. Learn more about its history and the mural by reading this article. You can also learn about its expansion plans. Here are some fun facts about the mural. Judith Baca was one of the artists who created it. Judith Baca is a Mexican immigrant who influenced Chicano Art. The mural was inspired by the style of the Siqueros, an art form that influenced Chicano Art and helped make multi-cultural murals native to Los Angeles.

The mural was designed by Judith Baca
The Great Wall of Los Angeles mural is located in the liminal area between North Hollywood and Valley Glen in Sherman Oaks. It depicts a large wall of concrete with the words “The Great Wall of Los Angeles” on it. Baca was born in Pacoima, California and studied at Cal State Northridge. After graduating, she worked as a political landscape painter along the Los Angeles River before focusing on murals. We have other location reviews here.

It is a half-mile long
A half-mile long mural, the Great Wall of Los Angeles is the result of collaboration between local community members and artist Kulapat Yantrasast. Located in the Tujunga Flood Control Channel in North Hollywood, this mural depicts California’s history from prehistory to the 1950s. The mural is also prescient in its presentation of Indigenous and migrant histories. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Other interesting info.

It is a tourist attraction
The Great Wall of LA is a popular tourist attraction in Los Angeles, California. It is open daily from dawn to dusk and features significant historical figures and events. There are several sections focused on various marginalized communities and indigenous people. These include the Chinese Massacre, Unsigned Indian Treaties, the Japanese Internment Camps, and the removal of Mexican-American residents. The wall also honors civil rights and LGBTQ rights struggles.

It is about to undergo a major expansion
The Great Wall of LA will soon undergo a major expansion. The mural was created between 1976 and 1983. It will feature 86 titled segments and tell the story of Los Angeles’ immigrant communities. The mural also features parts of the state’s history, including the Los Angeles Olympics of 1984. The expansion will take place at the Great Wall of Los Angeles site in North Hollywood CA.

It is located on a flood control channel
While not a popular tourist attraction, the Great Wall of LA, a half-mile mural created by Judith F. Baca, is certainly worth a look. This work of public art depicts the history of Los Angeles from prehistoric times to the 1950s. The mural was commissioned by the Army Corp of Engineers, which transformed a flood control channel into a park and pedestrian walkway. It is considered the city’s flagship for outdoor artworks.

It is about to undergo a major restoration
The Great Wall of Los Angeles, California is about to undergo a major restoration, and this project is the result of a collaboration between local art experts and a nonprofit organization. Local artist Judith Baca, who founded the Social and Public Art Resource Center, completed the mural in the summer of 1976. Her mural is said to rewrite the story of California through art. The Great Wall has been damaged by the sun, pollution, and flooding, but in 2005, Baca’s team of artists started repairing the deterioration. The artists applied special techniques and chemicals to repair damage to the wall.